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"Don't Be the Missing One" - From a Motherhood Photographer

My name is Tiffany Farley, and I specialize in photographing motherhood and family, and in doing so, I often photograph brand new babies as they are welcomed into homes and lives. My approach is a bit different than the traditional newborn photographer however, because to me, I am just as much documenting this beautiful story of a brand new mother, right alongside those perfect ten fingers and toes. Because you see, it’s about you too mama. 

The season of life with a newborn is a blur of both overwhelm and overjoy. You’re so indescribably exhausted, yet you find yourself never wanting to miss a single moment. Perhaps you once considered photographs of you and your brand new baby while expecting, but the heavy emotions and lack of sleep begin to let your doubts rise. The thought of not being photographed yourself begins to sound…easier. 

As mothers, I think it’s natural to let your children take the center stage right from the start. You’re so enamored with this tiny new life. You want to remember every moment. Every new facial expression, every milestone, and how perfectly tiny every ounce of them once was. But as a photographer, I want to take you deeper than that. I want you to remember how it feels right now. When the only place they want to sleep is tucked right up under your chin. How they grab onto your one finger with their whole hand, making your heart turn to puddle, which shows in your eyes. The looks of adoration your husband can’t stop giving while you hold the tiny babe you prayed so long for. 

I have never photographed a mother with her baby, brand new or years old, who has ever expressed her sincere regret. Who wished that she now didn’t have those black and white photographs of the two of them. Those cherished portraits of her motherhood.

I have however, met many women who regretted their choice of saying no. There are so many stories of mothers I have met throughout the years, who have told me just how much they would change if they could go back. Who vulnerably shared that they felt too overwhelmed to even consider professional photographs after their little one was born, and now have next to none. Stories of mothers who chose to only photograph their baby, and never any of the two of them, or the three of them as brand new family. Mothers who didn’t feel beautiful, or worthy enough for more than that.

But you see, to me, I believe motherhood is truly one of the most beautiful views. So much so, that my days as a photographer are devoted to filling my frame with it’s timeless wonder. When you choose to be in the photographs you not only choose what matters most now, but you choose what matters most in 50 years. You choose to give your children the most beautiful gift- the gift of family photographs. Don’t let the insecurities, the overwhelm, and the doubt keep you from being a part of the story. 

Please, don’t be the missing one in the photographs."



BIO: Tiffany Farley is a photographer of motherhood and family, currently living on the coast of Maine, and available for worldwide travel. She is also the founding editor of The Fount Collective, a lifestyle publication and online community devoted to the art of being a mother. 

Business Name: Tiffany Farley