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Global Motherhood: How Mitera Mamas Plan to Spend Quality Time With Their Kids This Holiday Part I

Though we are in the time of the year often dedicated to gift giving, we know that it means much more than just exchanging presents.  Holidays are about memory making and spending quality time with the loved ones and we love the idea of giving and sharing experiences instead of material gifts.  So, we asked 3 globally-based #MiteraMamas, Dawn Ketteringham (from Scotland living in Dubai), Marrisa Garcia-Olm Fletcher (from Spain living in Dubai) and Rima Kohli, (Indian/Afghan living in Rwanda) to tell us how they will be spending some quality time with their kids and loved ones this holiday.  Read on...

Dawn Ketteringham, a mom to an adorable little boy and BA's Relationship Development Manager for Middle East and Africa 

We will be spending our sons first Christmas in Scotland where I have so many fond childhood memories that I am keen to pass on to him. Long walks, log fires , cold crisp sea air but most importantly surrounded by the warmth of family and lifelong friends. - #Connect #AllHeNeedsIsYou
— Dawn

Marissa, A mom to Morgan and Madison and A mommy Blogger at @Littesybarite in Dubai

We are extending the QT by one generation as we are well aware that my parents, now 85 and 87, might well not be here next Christmas. We lost my husband’s dad to cancer after this summer, after having successfully undergone treatment 2 years ago. This time around it seemed to have come back with a vengeance and when they diagnosed, they told him he had 12 - 18 months but he only lasted 10 days. We are grateful we all got to see him and say our goodbyes, even if just by 1 day.

Having lost my father-in-law quite unexpectedly this summer, we are more in touch than ever with the reality of expat children’s lives: not enough time with their grandparents. So this year my children’s most valued gifts will be precious time with my parents who live in Spain and are both in their late 80’s. - #Connect
— Marissa

Check out her fun and stylish family blog LittleSybraites here.

Rima Kohli,Country Representative of VNG International in Rwanda and a mom of Lola

Giving my child warm loving & thoughtful experiences trumps everything as I sing Christmas carols to her and prop her up in her chair in our kitchen as I continue my mums tradition of make Christmas sweets. - #AllSheNeedsisYou’
— Rima