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A Story From Our Giving Partner: Lata and Baby

Lata was overjoyed. She was pregnant. Her mother-in-law had recognized the signs, took her to clinic...began offering advice. Lata knew pregnancies could be difficult, but other than food tasting funny, she felt strong. She continued to work the family’s small vegetable plot while her husband pulled a rickshaw in the city. Late one breezy afternoon on her way home, she felt a sharp pain followed by a dull ache in her stomach. She stumbled, trembling to her in-laws’ hut. Immediately, they raced her over gutted roads on the family's motorbike towards the mission hospital. Crying and scared, Lata gave birth to a premature severely jaundiced baby boy. He was shortly thereafter treated with Brilliance.  The relief and joy of holding her healthy baby after the panic and exhaustion of birthing a premature child with severe jaundice cannot be described with words. 

Help us create hope for the world's disenfranchised.

* Lata lives in Kelambakkam - 40 km South of Chennai.  Her baby boy was born on Nov 20th, 2011

D-rev exists to design and deliver medical technologies that close the quality healthcare gap for under-served populations. 

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