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Global Motherhood: How Mitera Mamas Plan To Spend Quality Time With Their Kids This Holiday Part II

Though we are in the time of the year often dedicated to gift giving, we know that it means much more than just exchanging presents.  Holidays are about memory making and spending quality time with the loved ones and we love the idea of giving and sharing experiences instead of material gifts.  So, we asked another 3 globally-based #MiteraMamas, Kristin Farman (a Texan living in Washington, D.C.), to tell us how they will be spending some quality time with their kids and loved ones this holiday.  Read on...

Brigitta Bungard, a Mom of Twins and Mitera's Art Director

Brigitta with her twins
I have 2.5 year-old twins, and I would love to spend more time with them individually during my break from work these holidays – take just one of the girls swimming or for a stroll through the park. I’ve only rarely experienced them on their own, and they seemed like totally different kids.
— Brigitta

Kristen Farman, a Mom of Two and a Real Estate Agent and a Blogger at 'Suck It Celiac'

Mitera Mama Christmas
Kristin Farman and Kids
Every year the kids and I take an hour to go through their toys and donate the ones they’ve outgrown/don’t play with anymore. Although they’re only 4 & 5, the kids take their time and consider what type of child would enjoy each toy/book/puzzle we add to the “Donate” pile. To see the joy on their faces while giving their own possessions to make others happy makes me so proud.

I am lucky to have a flexible work schedule that allows me to spend a lot of time with my kids over their holiday break. After Christmas & before New Years, the kids and I take a couple of weekdays to do something special. They each get to propose a couple of options and we all decide together: go to a movie, skiing, spend the day at the aquarium etc. #Connect #AllTheyNeedisYou
— Kristin

Julie Hackett, a Mom of Kemet and a Development Professional with UNICEF

Mitera Mama Christmas Julie
The thing I most enjoy about this time of year with my son is watching his sheer excitement and joy over just about everything. The lights, the colors, the music...watching him take it all in fills me with nostalgia and memories of my own childhood.
— Julie

Kelly Vaena, a Mom of Two Boys and an International Development Specialist

As we spend so many Christmases away from home, I’m a stickler for traditions and try to get the kids involved in as much as possible - choosing and decorating the tree, singing carols, baking and hot chocolate - and lots of down time with family. As they get older, the idea of giving is taking a larger role and this year the kids are helping to decide on a donation to a charity or cause that we’ll share with family on Christmas morning.
— Kelly