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NYC’s Breastfeeding World 2nd Annual Big Latch On

On August 6, our friends at Breastfeeding World had their 2nd Annual Big Latch On in NYC and moms from all around the city came together to celebrate the beautiful gift of breastfeeding.

Take a peek at the happenings below and read our recap by our lovely Business Operations Assistant, Katrin Reisser.


"I arrived at Times Square at 9:30 am to register and was curious about how many moms would show up. Since I’m not a mom yet I couldn’t participate in the Big Latch On however I joined the group of volunteers who would help with the counting. After a few minutes, more and more supporters, advocates and moms with their fully packed strollers and hungry babies were reaching 42nd Street. Everyone was ready to go and started prepping for the big moment to nurse. 

Right before 10:30 am, Alexia Garcia, the mastermind behind the project, was counting down the seconds. There were 303 amazing breastfeeding supporters, including 105 moms and 101 children who were being nursed at the same time. During the one-minute count we all felt an atmosphere of collective empowerment and unity with moms shouting “Normalize breastfeeding!” and “Breastfeeding rules!" It showed the reality of today’s unfortunate struggle for moms wanting to nurse their children at any time without facing public criticism. Interested tourists and New Yorkers were stopping by and were morally supporting the Big Latch On. 


I talked to Liz Chang, the founder of Pretty Mama Breastfeeding, who just had arrived from a breastfeeding event in Philadelphia, PA. The Big Latch On in NYC was dear to her heart because she loved to support the cause and raise more awareness regarding the need for social acceptance. After everyone was fed and satisfied (props to the moms who were still breastfeeding while walking) we made our way to Bryant Park where the after latch picnic with a perfectly organized entertainment program was awaiting us.

Arriving at Bryant Park we were greeted with exciting and healthy goodie bags which included lactation granola bars, natural nipple butter and cloth safe bum salve. We all know that a happy and healthy mama means a happy and healthy baby! It was great to see the joyful environment in which children were dancing to live music, playing with enormous soap bubbles and admiring their glitter tattoos. Moms were able to exchange breastfeeding stories and had the chance to talk to a series of professionals about their pregnancy and postpartum experiences.

Later on, Alexia and her organizing team, including Sam Sykula and Lisa Maloney, were running a tombola with many attractive prizes, such as a breast pump set and a greatly desired diaper bag. Due to the perfect summer weather families were enjoying the lighthearted atmosphere with kids running around, moms peacefully nursing their babies and talking about the impact of the event.

Breastfeeding World had started as a self-funded photography project in 2014 with its main focus on portraying the beauty and natural principle of breastfeeding by photography and storytelling. Today it is an active online community and a platform for supporting breastfeeding moms with educational and research-based information and real mother talk.

I can truly say that it was a pleasure to be part of such an important and supportive event.  

Breastfeeding has to be seen for what it is; the most natural thing in the world. It does not only boost the child’s immune system but the child experiences the unquestionable basic trust and bond between mother and child. That is why we at Mitera support mothers who are able and willing to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding World has done an amazing job in organizing and encouraging moms to breastfeed their little ones. Looking forward to next year!"

xx Katrin