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Not-So-Basic Nurseries

It’s that time of year again, Mitera Mamas! Spring may not be here yet, but here at Mitera, we are celebrating a fresh beginning in honor of our second birthday. Although we’re already in our “terrific” two stage, we can’t help but share with you some nursery ideas we’ve been following on Pinterest.

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

We know that in modern times, we want to embrace our children for who they are and what inspires them. If girls like automobiles, we’re happy to see engineers growing! As for other expecting families, we understand the joy of wanting to be surprised. In the meantime, we hope some of our favorite ideas have peaked your interest in designing your baby’s nursery.

White Nursery Ideas

At Mitera, we are influenced by the Japanese (our founder is Japanese!) and Scandinavian minimalist style, and we have been loving some of the designs we’ve come across. Scroll down below to find out what makes a blank slate so beautiful!

We hope these ideas not only make you want to design the nursery of your dreams, but a beautiful room to become a part of your home. 

What are some of your favorite nursery themes? Let us know in the comments!

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