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Fighting Societal Expectations of Breastfeeding One Baby At a Time

I have been breastfeeding my son for almost 5 months now, but my feelings about breastfeeding really took a turn a few weeks ago when I was at a restaurant and for some reason, I did not feel confident enough to feed my son while we were sitting enjoying our food.

I was told that it was not “appropriate”. He was hungry and fussy and I decided it was best to take him to the bathroom to feed him.  I stood in this tiny dirty, smelly bathroom while people were banging on the door wanting to use it. I then decided I better move and let those waiting use the restroom, again I got chased out. I proceeded to stand in a corner outside the restaurant kitchen to feed my crying hungry baby… I started to get upset, started to cry, what am I doing? And why? Why was I so afraid to inconvenience anyone to feed my son? Why did I allow myself to be shamed into a corner? Literally. This was wrong, and no mother should have to feel like this, like she has to hide to nurse her hungry baby so not to bother those around her.

I came back to the table and said “never again”, from now on I will feed my son whenever wherever. Period. If I ever see another mother struggling to feed her baby in public, I would say to her, you got this mama, you don't need to go anywhere. We have to support mothers not alienate them, they are raising the future and deserve respect.

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Dana: The_luxe_mom on Instagram
I'm originally from New York, where it's totally acceptable for a mom to breastfeed without problems. I now live in Denver, and there is this Bible Belt mentality. I'm often told, "were old fashioned" which is funny to me because breastfeeding was around before anything "old fashioned". I'm a stay at home mom to my son which is an adjustment from having a career in New York. Now I want to work on developing a fun supportive network for moms like me, who may be a little lost in their new reality.

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